About Us

La Crêperie Pierre Grise is a seaside restaurant specialising in authentic French crêpes, savoury & sweet.

La Crêperie was established in 2014 in our hometown of Greystones with a mission: to revive the art of eating crêpes! After travelling the globe sampling different varieties of this well-loved street food staple, with particular attention to our second home country France, we saw the potential to bring the crêpe to the fast casual dining market in Ireland. To bring the authenticity and unique experience in food that you can so easily find in la belle France.

Each savoury and sweet crêpe has been crafted and filled with the best of fresh ingredients both locally here in Ireland and sourced from France. From our Irish milk, eggs and fish to our specialty French cheeses and chocolate.

At La Crêperie Pierre Grise we believe that every bite counts,

just like every moment in life.

 We believe the art of crêpe-making requires specific skill and expertise. All our crêpes are made a la minute for even more freshness, with our own made from scratch recipes by our fully trained Chef Crêpiers. Everything we do has been carefully crafted for you to experience nothing less than the real tastes and flavours of France when you visit La Crêperie Pierre Grise.

                                               Bon appêtit!