Monin Melon Syrup (70 cl)


Based on the juicy, fruity sweetness of the melons from Cavaillon, Provence, MONIN Melon syrup will bring a taste of the sunny South of France to your drinks.

Introduced to the area from Italy in the 14th century by the popes who lived in nearby Avignon, Cavaillon melons were a favourite of the novelist Alexander Dumas.

In 1987 The Knights of the Order of the Melon was set-up to protect their origin and ensure their consistent high quality by putting in place stringent quality standards.  Every July the melons are celebrated at a festival in Cavaillon.

The Cavaillon melon variety is a ‘yellow charentais’, which is small and round with a blueish-green striped rind which yellows with maturity and deep orange juicy flesh, which is sweet and perfumed.

Add the succulent, aromatic taste of Cavaillon melon to cocktails, lemonades and teas with MONIN Melon syrup.

Light gold with pink glints.

Tasting notes
Nose: Sweei Cavaillon melon smell

Attack: Ripe melon taste

Length in Mouth: Flowery note


Beverage Innovation Directors tips
Our Honeydew melon syrup is juicy, sweet, and uniquely flavoured. It is perfect for juice based cocktails. But let me give you one different direction: combine it with Amaretto, espresso and milk and you will have an amazing trendy latte.


  • Cocktails
  • Sodas
  • Lemonades
  • Fruit Punches
  • Teas

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